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*** October 2020 Update***

The Winner Winner podcast is still going strong!  There are some new voices on the show, but we are committed to keeping all of the old episodes available.

You can hear the new, and current, voices of Winner Winner starting in Episode 55.

Additionally, we started doing Developer Interviews and Notable content creator interviews starting in Episode 58

Look forward to connecting with you - the current social media and best ways to connect/contact are below.


-MTBtrigger & The1Heart

*** October 2020 Update***


Hey folks! Alex, Liz, Robin and myself (Arjuna) recorded this episode in chronological order, but didn't end up releasing it because we got interrupted mid-recording. Robin and I went back and finished it up with our main topic, "Landing On Rooves." In this episode, we explore one of Robin's favorite Erangel drops, Mylta Power (aka Robin's Place). We also discuss the VSS and explore why it is one of the most controversial (loved / hated) weapons in the game. Finally, we strive to answer the question of whether it is strategic to land on rooves.

Do you love or hate the VSS? Do you always go roof? Do you have a sweet or sour story of a drop you had at Mylta Power?


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