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*** October 2020 Update***

The Winner Winner podcast is still going strong!  There are some new voices on the show, but we are committed to keeping all of the old episodes available.

You can hear the new, and current, voices of Winner Winner starting in Episode 55.

Additionally, we started doing Developer Interviews and Notable content creator interviews starting in Episode 58

Look forward to connecting with you - the current social media and best ways to connect/contact are below.


-MTBtrigger & The1Heart

*** October 2020 Update***


Winner Winner is back in 2019, and PUBG is finally here on PS4! This episode we dive in on the PS4 release, and get into some of the observations we’ve made from playing the game on PlayStation and keeping an eye on the community’s reaction. Our hosts are StopCollaborate and The1Heart, and this episode was recorded on December 18th.

So, what’s different between the two consoles, what’s better on PS4, and what’s missing? Find out here! Over the coming weeks, some Winner Winner Community Members will get together to dive into all things Vikendi, including the controversial pass, as well as some new material and ideas that our community members are cooking up behind the scenes. It’s a new year and a fresh start for the show and community, and we’re glad to have you here!

This show still features music from the fantastic Spiffy Man!

Join the Xbox Club by searching PUBG Winner Winner Podcast through the clubs page.

Also, find the PS4 Community on your PlayStation, and join our PUBG Mobile clan. More details on both can be found on the Discord.

Finally, a huge thank you to Griffilicious, who edited this episode for us! 

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