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Vikendi is coming to console!!  We cover the key features our XBOX and PS4 players will be getting to know over the coming weeks.  Most notable, the new parachuting mechanic. We discuss a variation on the Parachuting Strategy in comparison to the commonly used Wacky Jacky strategy (Link).

PC players have now had a few weeks to dig into Vikendi so we launched our focused location highlight series starting with Goroka – Buildings to loot, Early and Mid-Game Strategy, and Unique features you can take advantage of those during combat.

A dev report  was released an hour before the recording of this podcast.  We discuss the various changes to the ‘SMG Meta’ that the devs have planned for the test server.  Tommy Gun Aficionados will be sad.

Some interesting rumors surfaced about a potential change to the Global PUBG Esports scene.  What would it be like if the EU and NA pro leagues adopt the rules currently in the Asia League?

Would you enjoy Ring of Elysium?  Heathy and 1Heart try to convince Trigger to give it a shot (The conversation resulted in an interesting look at what makes BR games so appealing and what opportunities exist for PUBG development in the future - Volcanic Ash as blue zone anyone?)



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