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Winner Winner a PUBG podcast featuring guests Brian Corrigan(@svperfecta) and Maynard (u/pubg_silver_saint) with host MTBtrigger (@mtbtrigger)

On this episode we welcome back Corrigan, who is now the head of PUBG in North America, for the third time as well Maynard, a game designer who designed ranked mode and many of the other systems we see in the game today.

There were two main topics discussed - ranked mode and bots.  There was also a bonus conversation about the cheating problem that most FPS games are facing right now.

Ranked was up first and the guests discussed the ranked algorithm, how ranked mode will evolve in the future, and what changes are already being worked on for a near-future implementation.  This part of the conversation is roughly an hour so there are many tangents and small topics inside the episode as well.

After discussing ranked the discussion moved to bots - why now? Will they evolve? What problems are they actively solving and what problems are they helping in an indirect way.

Perhaps some of the most interesting bot related conversation was how the bots could help with testing new modes without sacrificing the ability to queue for the currently offered modes.

This is definitely meant to be a part of the conversation for ranked, bots, and cheating so if something stood out to you please let us know and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the folks at PUBG

Catch up with Corrigan on Twitter @svperfecta and Maynard on reddit at u/pubg_silver_saint


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