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For PUBG Episode 72, we chat with The Hollywood Duo, aka C_Dome and MikeStan, about getting their starts on Xbox, building communities on Twitch, and how they both managed to switch from console to PC with a mainly console audience. Was the switch well received? How well did their skills transfer over?

We also reminisce about the early days on Xbox PUBG, discuss the new crossplay between Xbox and PS4, and then talk about how far console PUBG has come and where we see it going with the next gen. We finished up by chatting about what makes PUBG so unique, what their wish list items are and then hit em’ with the good ol’ rapid fire questions. 

Immediately after recording, Trigger and Heart got in a squad game with the Hollywood Duo and won a game in the Georgopol crates. The next night we got 4 dinners as a squad. These boys have great comms and know how to work the map. Check em out: 



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