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On this episode, Mike and Kev talk about the all new Arena Mode in PUBG.

What is it?

Arena is a round based game mode that pitches squads against 1-2 other squads, with each squad able to lose 3 rounds before being eliminated. Winning rounds and getting kills earns extra currency, which allows you to buy better weapons, fresh armor, healing items and throwables. Think auto-battler meets PUBG final circle meets CSGO/Valorant economy! It’s a blast, and the guys talk about all the plusses and the very few things that they’d like to see tweaked!

Arena Mode is in testing until October 8th on PC and console, so be sure to check it out!

PUBG Labs Arena Mode  

Additionally, Mike and Kev start off talking about what has become a pre-recording tradition - getting a duo chicken dinner! They talked about a particular kill that kept them alive, which was a jump shotgun kill. They weren’t recording, but we got a view from replays to share: Kev's Jump Shotty POV | Jump Shotty Fixed POV


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