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A deadlier Mad Max era is born in PUBG Patch 9.2 with the introduction of Dirt Bikes, shooting from the driver’s seat, vehicle shooting stabilization and massive sidearm buffs. You're going to want to look both ways before crossing the road now. Along with these updates comes a much needed assault rifle rebalancing and changes to Vikendi that should increase competitive viability.

Hosts MTBtrigger and the1Heart (aka Mike and Kev) talk about their recent experiences with patch 9.2. Kicking off this episode is another pre-recording duo win on Miramar. This might be the most exciting game the two hosts played in recent history so they break down the crazy final circles that led to the victory, which led to some welcome strategy discussions.

This patch brought the Dirt Bike - a brand new single passenger vehicle - and the ability for the driver, of any vehicle, to pull out their sidearm and shoot! This may not seem like a massive change, but the side arm buffs combined with the aim stabilization this patch brought has really changed the entire vehicle scene, at least in the short term. All pistols received a large overhaul, so Mike and Kev decided it would be best for everyone to check out friend and creator C_Dome’s detailed breakdown of all the pistol changes, rather than listen to them list off a ton of numbers about shot damage and deviation.

Check out C_Dome’s pistol deep dive here:

Listener Questions:

Do you think Vikendi will make its way into the pro-scene with these changes?

What about the updates to side arms and vehicle stabilization - Do you think this will have a large impact in the long term?

Console players - Has the vehicle stabilization opened up a new drive-by meta?

As always, let us know on twitter or discord!


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