Winner Winner is a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Podcast


*** October 2020 Update***

The Winner Winner podcast is still going strong!  There are some new voices on the show, but we are committed to keeping all of the old episodes available.

You can hear the new, and current, voices of Winner Winner starting in Episode 55.

Additionally, we started doing Developer Interviews and Notable content creator interviews starting in Episode 58

Look forward to connecting with you - the current social media and best ways to connect/contact are below.


-MTBtrigger & The1Heart

*** October 2020 Update***


This week Robin and Arjuna cover a "grab-bag" of topics. We introduce our new "patreon question of the week" segment, revisit the 2x scope, discuss some more game updates and patch notes, talk about the new event mode and 8-person squads, share some SUPER in-depth parachuting math from one of our listeners, and talk about PUBG Mobile! All in under an hour, miraculously. We're also trying to reach our goal of gaining custom server access, and we need your help! Please, please, please reach out to your friends who play PUBG and ask them to join our Discord server. This proves to the PUBG devs that we're serious and that we can sustain the player base needed for custom games. You can entice them with having access to custom games, which is pretty hard to come by otherwise. We've got some awesome stuff up our sleeves for custom games, so it would mean a lot to us and to the community if you could help out.

Many thanks to the amazing gazelle(s) for the intro and outro music on this episode. Find them at their Bandcamp or at their Facebook page.

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