In a career-redefining return to form, Arjuna and Robin go back to our roots to bring you a show complete with PUBG news, weapon comparisons, location highlights and our now-synonymous-with-success signature segment, our strategic main topic. We'll take a listener question on how to stay in a winning mindset during top 10 situations, compare notes on the AKM and the DP-28 (just how many donkeys can it push?), talk about Erangel's best-kept secret (Kameshki) and finally delve darkly and deeply into winning strategies for playing PUBG duos. If you were worried we were getting soft... This episode will quell your qualms with a faceful of hot lead!

Weapon of the week: DP-28 vs. AKM

Location highlight: Kameshki, Erangel's most-in-need-of-a-diner town

Main topic: How to win duo rounds, from jumping out of the plane to positioning yourself in the top 10

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Many thanks to the amazing gazelle(s) for the intro and outro music on this episode. Find them at their Bandcamp or at their Facebook page.

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