Let the specialness begin! This week, we're excited to crosscast with Tim & David from the Drop Zone PUBG podcast! Find out what their top achievements in the game would be, discover which weapon they think is better in our feature "vs" segment, and finally get some of their thoughts on improving Miramar! Be sure to tune in to their upcoming episode in which they feature US on their podcast to talk about what games we've been playing, answer some of their mailbag questions, and in general let it all hang out a bit.

Also in this episode, we discuss xbox patch 12 (and how Miramar release date has been annouced-ish!), pc update 10 (and adjustments to the blue zone!), talk a little about the War even mode, and Robin does a very little math.

Find the Drop Zone cast wherever you download your podcasts, on social media, and also at http://www.dropzonecast.com/

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Many thanks to the amazing gazelle(s) for the intro and outro music on this episode. Find them at their Bandcamp or at their Facebook page.

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