This week we have the very special treat of hosting Mental Fitness coach Fran Ramsden.  He coaches a professtional pubg team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Knights.  He ask him a lot about the pro circut and how we can get better and he gives a lot of really great, no-nonsense advice.

To learn more about or contact Fran Ramsden, check out his website!  

In the episode we mention a survey Robin created called a "Why did I die?" so we can start collecting data on why we're not winning every single game :)  The survey can be found here:Why did I die

Our custom games schedule this week: 6pm Pacific Time on Monday, 5/14 and Tuesday, 5/15. Join us, bring your friends, and their moms!

Join our Winner Winner discord server here. Here's the direct link to share with your friends (and their moms) (more participants in our custom games = higher chance of keeping them!):

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Many thanks to the amazing gazelle(s) for the intro and outro music on this episode. Find them at their Bandcamp or at their Facebook page.

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