This week we explore the connection between our minds and our senses by plunging into dark, soundproof containers called sensory deprivation tanks.  Can they induce psychedelic experiences or allow you to talk to your dead cat?  Can they reduce anxiety and stress?  Can they make you go mad?  Or are they just a great place to take a well-needed nap?  Tune in to find out!

This episode features music from the following artists (in order of appearance):

Mac Woodruff - "Vis Insita"
Find Mac Woodruff's music at Bandcamp and on Soundcloud

 Oytserhead - "Oz is Always Floating"

Kneebody - "Dr. Beauchef, Penguin Dentist"
Find Kneebody at and on Spotify

Eero Johannes - "Lipton Service Boy"
Find Eero Johannes's music on Soundcloud and Spotify

Special thanks to Alana Peters, Melissa Hebin, and Ankush Vimawala of Float Om for their contributions to this episode.

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