Variety is the spice of life, and this episode is no exception. We discuss a range of topics from Teeworlds to Fugglet's face reveal, going deeper with Islands of Nyne, Robin's PC upgrade experience... And of course, we even talk about PUBG! This week we share our thoughts on the QBU after spending more time with it. Paradise Resort is our location highlight this week, and we talk you through getting the most out of this hottest of Sanhok drops. Welcome to Paradise!

Weapon Highlight: QBU

Location Highlight: Paradise Resort

Main Topic: Fugglet's face reveal, Islands of Nyne check-in, Robin's experience upgrading his GPU and monitor

On this show, we are also privileged to feature music from the fantastic Spiffy Man. Every track on this show is a cut by this hard-hitting house and EDM producer. The tracks, in order of appearance, are "Light Runner," "Flashback" and "Be Free." Find Spiffy Man:
On bandcamp:
On spotify:

Our customs schedule for this week: Monday 7/30 and Tuesday, 7/31 at 6pm PST. Other times TBA in our discord.

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