This week we are joined with another very special guest, the gamer and streamer extraordinaire, Socoler.  We bring him in to for enlightening chat and insight into the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin, which just wrapped up. How do the pros play differently than the casuals? That's what we hope to elucidate on this episode.

Watch Socoler on his stream at

On this show, we are again privileged to feature music from the fantastic Spiffy Man. Every track on this show is a cut by this hard-hitting house and EDM producer. The tracks, in order of appearance, are "Light Runner," "Flashback" and "Be Free." Find Spiffy Man:
On bandcamp:
On spotify:

Special Games Schedule This Week:  Tactical Sessions with Robin on Monday Aug 5th @ 6pm Central.

No customs this week. 

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