It's really over the hill and through the woods with this one guys.   Join us as we conjecture about the present and future of VR (with wildly different projections from Robin and Arjuna), muse about our tentative future careers in stripping and the boon and Arjuna's chest hair.  We spend about 30 mins answerring a patreon supporters questions, and introduce you to some swell chaps, StopCollaborate and The Basic Bro, who will be holding down our show's newest segment, the xBox corner.

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This show still features tracks from the fabulous Spiffy Man. The tracks, in order of appearance, are "Light Runner" and "Be Free." Find Spiffy Man:

On bandcamp:
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Special Games Schedule This Week:  Tactical Sessions with Robin on Monday Aug 27th @ 7pm Pacific Time.

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