Hear all the things - while not blowing your ears out!  In this show we cover various sound subjects such as which movement methods to use at different distances to avoid being heard as well as how to hear you opponents better by leveraging magic called compresssion (sometimes referred to as volume normalization).  

We talk about various softwares in the show.  Here are some links to them:

Synchronous Audio Router



Sound Lock

Another that we sort of mentioned which might be a decent alternative to Sound Lock and the SAR route, would be Razer Synapses Surround Pro software.  It's $20, and many online say it's a waste of cash.  In Robin's brief testing with the paid version low level ambient noise was a lot more noticeable and the akm sounded the same (didn't blow my ears out any more or less than usual), so he thinks it could be a viable solution. 

Robin is running the tactics session on monday at 7 pm pacific time.

This show still features tracks from the fabulous Spiffy Man. The tracks, in order of appearance, are "Light Runner" and "Be Free." Find Spiffy Man:

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