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On this episode we dig into all things Vikendi, including our favorite and least favorite drop locations, the new G36C, general match pacing on Vikendi and the all New Vikendi pass that’s been on PC for a few weeks and will be coming soon to Xbox and PS4. We wrap the episode with some discussion of new developments for console and the new content coming to PUBG mobile, including an all-new night mode!

Links to the G36C for anyone who wants to check out the posted stats.

Console Dev Report 1 on View Spectrum, Console Dev Report 2 GPU Time and GPU Instance Culling, and Console Dev Report 3 which gets into LOD, or Level of Detail. These reports help explains certain challenges that the devs face getting a very intensive game to run smoothly on Xbox and Playstation.

This show still features music from the fantastic Spiffy Man! The track used today is “Light Runner.”

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Thanks to our two new hosts!

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PUBG takes the game data from PUBG’s open API and turns it into easy to read visuals with more in-depth stats than any other tracker. See your loot path, your kill tree, which guns were used and where you hit your enemies. It’s all free but donations do help keep the site operational. Mr. PUBG LookUp, thanks for being an awesome community member for all of PUBG!

Find links to the site and the owner’s twitter in the show notes, but they are and @PUBGLookUp


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