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On this episode we talk about the game we all know and love - Apex Legends… I mean PUBG.

Jokes aside, It would be silly to ignore the new kid on the block after the splash Apex made.  We talked about our initial opinions on Apex and some of the things we like and dislike. The majority of Apex content from the Winner Winner team is going to be on a separate episode, but we had a healthy discussion of the impressive twitch stats Apex has posted in the first two weeks after launch

Wes from WTFast was on the show to talk about their GPN (Gaming Private Network).  If you’ve ever thought your ping was too high or had latency issues you need to check this service out.  There is even a trial of their service (no credit card required) for you to check out to see if it will work for your area.  (Head over to the discord to enter for one of the three giveaways Wes offered the winner winner community)

Back to PUBG… The end of the Vikendi season pass is upon us!  We talk about how the Vikendi pass impacted play and our overall feelings as we enter the 9th week of the pass.  Definitely interesting to see how our opinions changed since we last discussed the season pass format.

Phase 1 of the NPL (National PUBG League - the NA pro scene basically) will be ending in the beginning of March.  We discuss the results of the pre-season as well as our thoughts on improving the viewer experience for future PUBG tournaments.

Make sure to check out the new dedicated esports page for PUBG (all regions easily accessible) -

Lastly we talked about the state of PUBG custom servers and what some community members are doing with them.  If you had an experience, like us, that was sub-par in customs (they took too long, unorganized, etc.) there are some people out there that are doing an incredible job.  One of those people is a twitch streamer - Papastanimus -  HeathyKeithy and MTBtrigger had the opportunity to interview him.

This show still features music from the fantastic Spiffy Man!  The track on this episode is “Light Runner.”

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