Big (good) news for the Winner Winner podcast!

The official hand off has been made from Arjuna and Robin to The1Heart and MTBtrigger - We discuss some housekeeping items as a result of this announcement, but mostly we wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and give a glimpse into the future.

The podcast is sponsoring a tournament on May 10th run by Alexx_OP and our very own MTB will be casting the event on his twitch channel as well! More details to come as everything gets finalized.

Big news in another dev letter: Weapon mastery is coming to the game - Think Call of Duty like weapon progression with R6 charms.  We break down the letter, our hopes for this new system, and how this will effect gameplay. PUBG Weapon Mastery Announcement

Location Highlight: Paradise resort

  • Everything you need to know to get started in Paradise
  • Map with callouts ( )
  • Advanced Tactics and squad play
  • Video supplement with MTB’s favorite Paradise Resort tips/tricks: Video

If you’re looking for Paradise droppers to watch:

Gtuck - Twitch / Jcheese101 - Twitch / Tk_StrayBullet - Twitch

Sniper changes are coming!  You likely only have a few days left to 1-tap people with the AWM to the chest.

AKM vs. Beryl - We try to figure out which one is better for different phases of the game, but ultimately have an excellent discussion about mouse sensitivity and vertical sensitivity multiplier.  DPS Comparisons

Patreon is back -

Paradise Map -

MTB’s Tips & Tricks - Video

SprEEEzy's Pro Callouts for Buildings on Erangel  

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