In this episode, the full cast offers up impressions on the new patch to start before we discuss our favorite tips and strategies on how to win more early game engagements - tactics for the early game (tips for solos, duos, and squads). These tips aren’t just for the hot droppers. How should you contest your mid-tier loot spot that another squad or two decided to land on when you were hoping for a more peaceful start? It’s best to be prepared.  

Heathy offers up a new squad tactic - Firing Squad - we think you’ll like it! (Send us clips of successfully baiting someone into a firing squad.)

MTB puts a hit out on GtuckTV (gTuck). The first person to successfully bait Gtuck into a firing squad, and catch it on camera in the month of May, will get 5 gifted subscriptions from MTB to your twitch channel.

The crew also discusses their initial feelings about Patch 28.  They break down everything from the new Weapon Mastery system to the various bug fixes. Biggest Surprise? The team is very split on the addition of smoke timers for spectators.

All of the hosts have very different playstyles and not everyone agrees on strategy and tactics:  Join the discussion in our discord - how do you take on early fights? Winner Winner Discord:

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