This week, the full cast talks about the new Dev Letter: PUBG Development Update & Erangel Visual Update! But first, we answer a great question from one of our new Patrons about ammo counts, which leads into our tactical discussion surrounding inventory management as a whole.

Then we tackle one of the hardest questions surrounding PUBG, and the BR genre as a whole… How do you know if you’re good at PUBG? To do this, we dive into common FPS genre acronyms and whether or not these metrics factor directly into being ‘good’ at PUBG.  What does it all mean in a game this deep? ADR (average damage per round) is probably the most commonly used in today’s shooter culture, so we take a look at that and some other interesting stats you should be looking at as you try to improve.

Thanks to our new Patrons CompoundKiller and Zoltan_1872! We appreciate the support from every one of our Patrons!

PUBG Development Update & Erangel Visual Update Test Server

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