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This episode, Alexx_OP joins us for an awesome interview and then hangs out to talk about PUBG Patch 30 with tons of new content! We can now grab ledges, make gas cans 'splode, shoot a hand cannon, and take a tank-of-an-airdrop-vehicle into battle. 

We also get into a Patreon question from Zoltan_1872 on how to review matches and specific things we look for while reviewing. After hearing Alexx_OP’s amazing journey and his approach to streaming and community engagement, we dive head on into the patch, which houses the BRDM-2 amphibious vehicle you can call in with a flare gun, the deagle, exploding gas cans, and the new mantle mechanic that opens up the map and movement in all new ways. We also have all new Radio Messages to make random squads a bit more manageable, weapon mastery updates, a BP system that actually does something, and some welcome performance improvements. Learn more about that giant patch here: PUBG Patch 30 


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