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Friends, we have a banger for you…

We sit down for almost two hours with Brian Corrigan, aka genexp (*October 2020 update - Corrigan now goes by svperfecta), who is the Studio Director for the PUBG office in New York! This episode has exciting announcements, an interview with a PUBG developer, and a few things you’ve never heard about PUBG before. 

He has been leaving his mark in the gaming world since the mid 2000s, working to make some of the biggest games of our lives playable with friends.  We learn about him and go on a few deep dives into some of the topics that have been hot on the PUBG community’s list for a LONG time.

A few of the topics discussed include competitive ranked possibilities, match making, hidden [redacted], expanding the PUBG universe, and so much more you’re going to just have to dive in to hear!


Brian Corrigan (genexp) Studio Director, PUBG Corp:

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