On this episode, we dive into the latest patch (4.1) and one of the most requested topics we hear about; the competitive scene. Bye Bye Miss Erangel Pie. 

The first half of the episode we unpack everything 4.1.  From our initial gut reactions to the patch, to weapon balance changes, to what we think will happen in the future.  Rarely do we go line by line, but we covered almost the entire patch note document because there is a tremendous amount of change that will affect every game.

Following that, we are joined by the IGL (In Game Leader) for Low Key Esports - Packs.  We learn about his TWO year journey from loving the game to being on one of the newest additions to the North American PUBG pro scene. Have you ever been interested in how the pros become pros? Do YOU want to become a pro? It’s not a clear path, so Packs breaks it down. Be sure to check the video below where he goes into even greater detail. 

PUBG Patch 4.1 Notes

Plausible PUBG Discord - A place to rank up and start grinding competitive

How to find/contact Packs: 

@packs_pubg / Discord - Packs#2401 / twitch


Packs Youtube Video on How to get into PUBG competitive 

Wacky Jacky 4.1 Overview Video


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