In lucky episode number 13, Robin and Arjuna discuss our new show subreddit! Post your juicy vids, questions, philosophical quandaries and lolcats to
We also talk about the lack of xbox updates and give the new snow map a little speculation. Then we dive right into deep discussion about PUBG's two most common shotguns, discuss the moistest city in the game, and share 10 listener-contributed tips and tricks to make you better at your game. Amazon 100 for lyfe.

Weapon of the week: S1897 pump action vs S686 double barrel shotgun. We go deep (and I mean DEEP).

Location highlight: Water Town aka Sunken City aka Venice
Fugglet's water town loot guide:

Main topic: 10 tips and tricks to make you better at the game. We asked and you responded! Find out what's hot on the pulse of Winner Winner's listenership.

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