The adventures of Robin and Arjuna continue as we pore over the recently unveiled Xbox Spring Development Roadmap for 2018! We discuss Bluehole's plans for the xbox platform in the coming months, including the map we've all been waiting for: Miramar! We also discuss the controversial topic of using a mouse and keyboard on the xbox. Then we go shoulder-deep into all of the scopes available in PUBG, and tell you how to rangefind with the 4x and 8x scopes! We also address the age-old topic of red dot vs. holographic sight. There's a lot of info here, folks. Best grab a pen.

Xbox Spring Roadmap 2018
Xbox Patch #10
Xbox PC Patch #7

WackyJacky's 4x 5.56 rangefinding guide
WackyJacky's 4x 7.62 rangefinding guide
WackyJacky's 4x sniper guide

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