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The whole crew returns for the first episode of 2020 and it is a MONSTER - perhaps a sea monster?  

The new year kicks off with the brand new 2x2 map - Karakin!

Listen as Heath gets attacked by what sound like carnivorous animals with wings. We also had a few hours to check it out on the test realm before recording so you are getting our raw opinions on the black zone, sticky bombs, lack of grenades, the Karakin loot meta, and how we think the gameplay will evolve on the smallest map PUBG has ever released.

There is a ton to discover on this map including breachable buildings, vast tunnel systems, and thin walls that players can now shoot through - we discuss it all!

If you’re struggling with close quarters combat or simply want to refine your skills, we talk about our favorite tips and, perhaps more importantly, the mindset you need to have when things get up close and personal. 

Let us know if you try any of the strategies, or if you have a favorite that we didn’t mention.


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