Hey All MTBtrigger here - Quick announcement for you!

Last night I received the invite, and confirmation, that I will be competing in today’s Twitch Rivals tournament!

I will be playing Duos with Papastanimus!!

Papa - Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

My friends, I am pumped, excited, ecstatic, and I am honestly struggling for words at my feelings towards competing in this event.

Most importantly, though, I just wanted to invite you to check the event out.


I’ll be streaming it on my channel - twitch.tv/mtbtrigger and you can also check out the full production at twitch.tv/twitchrivals


The event start time is: 2:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Mountain / 4:00 PM Central / 5:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 PM for our friends in the EU, so I hope you can stay up late!


Thank you so much for supporting the show

Thank you so much for supporting me

You all are amazing.


I sincerely appreciate all of your support and look forward to repping the winner winner flag this afternoon.


See you out there!


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