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Mike and Kev got together to talk about all the new things that came to PUBG in Season 9. 

With Season 9 comes a new, dynamic 3x3 kilometer map named Paramo that changes every time you drop in to battle. It’s landscape is charred by an active volcano, and crossing lava is much more dangerous than crossing a river. The guys give their honest early impressions of the map and how it compares to other other maps in terms of playable terrain, pacing and overall  design decisions. 

But that’s not all that comes with season 9 - We also get ranked solos, ranked ruleset adjustments and rank point resets. We also get some very slight nerfs to the beryl and SLR, G-coin as a form of prepaid currency to PC (which is something that has been on console for a long time at this point), and a new, shorter season pass structure with earnable G-Coin allowing pass grinders to pay for future passes without having to spend money again. 

Aside from talking about the new content, Kev and Mike discuss, at length, the inevitable culling of the queues, which has already claimed TPP duos and nearly caused Paramo to be TPP squads only before community backlash got us an FPP squads mode as well. These massive and long overdue changes to regional matchmaking should help with the health of queues but not without some growing pains for the community.


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