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Mike and Kev start the episode catching up with how PUBG has been treating them, individually, and then they theory craft a new report function that would allow you to compliment the player who just bested you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The crew then gets into all the new changes that came to Sanhok in the rework. They talk about the specific locations that have seen changes and reminisce about those that are gone. The pair talk about the changes they love and one’s they will need to get used to over time. 

Sanhok’s contentious past with professional players is talked about, especially with the old cliffs. This discussion brought up this unforgettable play by TaylorJay when Sanhok was first forced into competition. The devs seem to have made a lot of intentional changes to offer more playable terrain and ways to close the gap between positions of power and a lack thereof. 

Season 8 Patch Notes

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