Winner Winner is a PUBG Podcast (A Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Podcast)

PUBG Patch 10.1 brings us PUBG’s smallest map ever with Haven, set on a small industrial island somewhere in North America. This 1x1 km map features 32 players and is only available in duos mode, with the option to queue as a solo. There are guards and a commander (Stronger AI bots) guarding loot at the pillar buildings if you want to rush them for tier 3 loot, but beware, as there is only one way in or out. There's also a roaming chopper that shines a spotlight on players lingering outside, as well as a roving armored truck that will shoot any player within line of sight with devastating accuracy and damage. Set at night, with plenty of high rises and areas of cover, Haven is one of PUBG’s most unique maps to date. And, if you find yourself stuck on a high rise with zone pushing in or a team pushing up, you can now pick up an emergency parachute to safely jump off a high spot and chute down. 

Trigger and 1Heart had a lot to say in what was supposed to be a short episode. This was recorded just before the holidays after the boys got time to play a good number of games, but with family and new year hustle and bustle this episode got a little delayed. Sorry! Still, we hope you enjoy the conversations and ideas that were put forth, and we hope you’ve all been enjoying the new map and PUBG as a whole! Talk to you all again soon with another episode! 


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