Since the start, the new guard of Heathy, Griff, Heart and Trigger always wanted to chat with the people we watch the most - Swagger, Hambinooo, etc. We’ve been fortunate enough to get these fantastic players and streamers to chat. 

This episode is another one we can’t believe - we got the pleasure to sit down with wtfmoses - player - caster - community voice. We knew Moses had a lot to say, and we really wanted to pick his brain. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • Early Competitive scene vs. current Phase
  • What needs to change for this game to have long term playerbase
  • Do grenades belong in the game?
  • wtfmoses’ predictions for NPL winners and Global winners
  • Tips for new and existing players for getting better (hint: STOP LOOTING)
  • And a whole lot more… this episode is nuts

His one ask?  Give the NPL a shot, watch it on twitch over the next 2 months on Saturday and Sunday

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Automatic Fire Question: Who is your PUBG unsung hero of the streaming community?

wtfmoses’ answer: Croopadoop twitch - Seriously, he slays. Check him out.


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