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PUBG turns 4 years old on March 23, 2021. As we get closer to that insane milestone for this genre-defining battle royale, Mike and Kev discuss what is the core that defines PUBG and use some recent talking points from other community members as a soundboard for the discussion. Notably, and perhaps the driving factor for us thinking about this topic, are a Twitlonger post from chocoTaco on twitter, and a very recent clip from PlayerIGN. In short, choco’s post was about core gameplay, specifically what other games do with core gameplay. He referenced rocket league, counterstrike, and others that are so focused on their core gameplay that they don’t change it - these games only change the things outside the core. He also went into detail on what PUBG could change TODAY that would help alleviate some of the issues he sees as most prevalent. PlayerIGN’s post discussed the knock system and how other BRs have taken PUBG’s innovation and moved it into a full revive system and done other things to evolve and innovate battle royales past PUBG. 

With those broad topics, your hosts defined what they see as core PUBG gameplay, what takes away from that and what can be added or changed that could reinforce core gameplay while helping PUBG keep up with the ever-evolving perceived standards of what a battle royale game should have. Should PUBG have visible pings and respawns? We think some of these changes could help new and returning players while reinvigorating the game for longtime players. Some of these ideas we feel are no brainers and long overdue, but some may be controversial. We want to hear from you! In order to do that, reach out to us here: 

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