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On this episode, we talk about PGC - the PUBG Global Championship - where players from all around the globe have competed in their respective regions through 3 phases just to make it to this final stage to prove they are the best in the world. At the time of recording, one of three weekends was already over, and now we are about to head into our 3rd and final weekend of play. That means half the teams have already been sent packing. Hear what happened in the first weekend and why you should absolutely watch the rest. 

We also got into how to make your viewing experience better and more informative, what to look for, which teams to watch and more. If you haven’t watched at all, be sure to at least check the VODs to watch Game 6 on the Sunday of each week, as well as the Game 3 from weekend 1 that the1Heart mentions in episode.

Here are timestamped links to the match on Youtube for: 

To watch the Grand Finals Live, catch it all live on Twitch, here: 

To end, we talked about a new feature that was announced on the day of recording that has just made it to live servers this week. PUBG Labs is the name of the new feature we chat about, and PUBG Patch 5.2 is a fun one and we will get into that in full in a later episode, once we’ve had time to mess with it all. (The patch notes were actually released just hours after recording.)

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