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Patch 27 is here!  Only a week after the Erangel Dev Letter was dropped.  We break down the biggest changes with the patch!

  • SMG Switcheroo
  • M16 & MK47 Mutant Buffs
  • Aim Punch Changes
  • Loot changes (Combined SMG/Pistol Mags, Bullet Loops combined)
  • Changes to the Quick Join system

Patch 27a also dropped… on April 1st.  Pretty funny little joke PUBG put together, but we’re wondering if some of the items are actually laced with truth.  

April Fools Day also uncovered some rumors from data mining about some potential new additions coming to the game (one of these was confirmed during the editing of this episode):

  • New Vehicle?
  • New Skins for some popular streamers?
  • Map Preference instead of Selection?

The crew discusses toxic gameplay and what should actually be considered ‘toxic’.  They also dive deep into Camping. Not with a tent, although some players may enjoy that, we talked about defensive play and when to leverage your position in our tactical talk.

Lastly we had one of our very own, HeathyKeithy, conduct a science experiment and interview with a medical professional and soon to be Cardiologist... Are top 10 situations killing you?!?!


Data Mined Leaks (purely speculative at this point)

Patch 27a (april fools)

HUNG Squad - therottedzombie

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