PUBG’s Creative Director, Dave Curd, along with other PUBG developers hopped on a call with a number of PUBG partners to talk about the new map Haven and allow both partners and developers to ask and answer questions. MTBtrigger took some time to summarize the 3 hour call in a little over 20 minutes.

Dave Curd talks about how a big focus with Haven was to lure players into buildings for top tier loot with the Pillar guards and commander while making the spotlight from the helicopter also push people into building to building combat. This is a shift from crate drops that force players out into the open to secure the best loot.

Partners asked for player count to be increased on the new map. Another ask was for better loot on Haven. Past talks about Haven, players and developers discussed map weighting in certain regions, which led to the discussion around something called Region-Agnostic Match Settings. This would mean that each region could have settings that suit them back. For example, NA may get a mega and mini royale choice to allow players to stay on big or small maps as they wish. 

Another topic was about whether respawns could ever be implemented into PUBG, with opinions all over the spectrum. Ranked was also talked about, along with having so many queues and so many different playstyles out there within our favorite battle royale. Players also asked if we would ever see Arena mode or Fantasy BR come back at some point, but there was nothing new to share on those modes. 

There much more we can’t fit into the show notes, so give trigger a listen here. See you all soon with a new episode from the guys reacting to the new map and features. They’ve both been having a blast so far!


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